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Update 11/07/2021

So first of all I want to give you further insights about the product and why I chose concrete as a material.
What kind of concrete is used for this product?
I use self-compacting glass fiber reinforced fine concrete approx. 70N/mm² compressive strength. Standard concrete averages approx. 35N/mm².
What is so special about concrete?
Concrete has very high damping properties, which are used, for example, in hi-fi loudspeakers and machine beds. On the one hand, the minimal vibration or oscillation absorption of concrete, in contrast to wood, results in a much clearer sound image in the higher tonal range of hi-fi loudspeakers, such as classical music. On the other hand, this warm, vulominous sound depth, as known from other resonating speaker materials such as wood, is greatly reduced in bass-heavy electronic music. On the other hand, in the case of machine beds for industrial production facilities, the higher damping compared to the otherwise usual steel constructions increases the processing accuracy.
Surface treatment:
All the products are finished with a tough, silky, water-based wax emulsion as standard. For cleaning, it is best to use only warm water, with a little detergent if necessary. Similar to furniture made of wood. Harsh detergents such as acids or vinegar, because they react with the cement, can cause the surface to dissolve. Must therefore be avoided at all costs. For subsequent care, beeswax or canauba wax, which is also used for wooden furniture, has proven successful in our case.

What you should know is that through secretions of our skin-protecting fats, etc., a very personal patina will gradually form at the points of contact of the concrete enclosures.

Prototype and Giveaway Production
Today we did some further production of prototypes and cases for giveaways. As you can see in the pictures above, all our products are handmade and are therefore completely individual pieces.